Monday, November 7, 2011

Blatant descrimination

Bedbugs of Portland unite!!!
How, in this day and age, an obscure and arrogant minority of head and body lice could march into Occupy Portland, without consulting with, or taking into account the legitimate grievances and feelings of the local, sustainable bedbug community, is beyond me.

I call on every bedbug in Portland and the entire Pacific Northwest to converge on Occupy Portland. No lice - head, body or otherwise - speaks, burrows, bites or infests in our name. We are the 99%!

The word is out

GPLAB Responds to News about Occupy Portland Lice Infestation
The Greater Portland Lice Advocacy Board is raising concerns about the quality of humans Portland area lice are being forced to infest. "The living conditions for lice at Occupy Portland are horrendous," claims council board members. "We are asking members to only occupy humans who have showered within the last month," said one GPLAB member, "but there is a real scarcity of humans with that qualification left here at Occupy Portland."

The GPLAB will continue to monitor the situation.